Solutions for all Healthcare Organizations

By implementing proper procedures and technologies, your organization can improve productivity and patient satisfaction while reducing your expenses through our modern applications.


Lapses in communication is a contributing factor to medical errors and the care patients receive. Regular text messages are not a secure method of communication regarding patient health information and fines related to this can be astronomical for both large and small healthcare organizations.

IntScripts helps to improve the communication and transfer of information within facilities and between medical practices over a secure protocol to ensure your data stays safe.

Patient Process Streamlining

Healthcare providers and their staff spend countless hours waiting on patients to complete intake paperwork information at the time of the appointment. This slows down productivity within the office which leads to increased wait time for patients, longer hours for physicians and their staff, and overall decrease in patient satisfaction.

Registration information can be filled out in two separate ways with both being better options than pen and paper. Practices can send custom registration templates to patients prior to the appointment that can be completed on any laptop/computer, tablet, or mobile device. For patients who do not fill out the registration information prior to the appointment, there are tablets at the office the patient can use to complete the check-in process. Both ways eliminate the need for a receptionist or medical assistant to re-enter the information the patient has already entered. IntScripts unique approach to patient registration helps to expedite the check-in process and increase the collection rate of past due balances.

Intuitive Workflows

Charges for patient visits and procedures often get lost or entered incorrectly due to many inefficient workflows in hospital and other medical facility settings. Getting the correct charge at the point of care for the patient is critical to getting the revenue cycle management process started as soon as possible.

Physicians can now enter the charges into their mobile device at the point of care instead of having to keep track on a piece of paper that can easily get lost. Within 10 seconds, the physician can complete the entire charge capture process to get the medical claim ready to be billed within minutes after the documentation is complete.