Secure Messaging

Using our secure, HIPAA compliant messaging platform,
the communication and transfer of information both within a single medical facility and between other healthcare organizations is greatly improved.

Message Types

Intra Office

Send secure messages with your staff for both office and patient related issues using the desktop login or a mobile device.

Other Facilities

Users at any healthcare organizations can communicate and exchange documents with users at another healthcare facility.

Your Patients

IntScripts can replace your current patient portal or can be used as an additional communication tool with patients on your mobile phone

HIPAA Compliant. Mobile Enabled.

Increased accessibility of patient information between practices improves coordination of care by having the ability to attach and send patient documents within the secure message for faster, more effective patient treatments.

Private Messaging

Securely message your contacts within your organization and with other individuals in outside organizations. Each message is sent over a secured protocol to ensure only the intended recipient receives the message.

Message Threads

Groups can be created from the user’s contact list to improve the coordination of care. This can be groups within an office or with user's at other facilities.


Users can exchange any document including consults, labs, diagnostic images, and more. The more information that is shared between parties, the better the outcome possibility for the patient.


Mobile device users can receive notifications every time a message is sent to them through the application. Users can also decide whether or not they want to receive email notifications when messages are sent to them.