Secure Messaging

Using our secure, HIPAA compliant messaging platform, the communication and
transfer of information both within a single medical facility and between
other healthcare organizations is substantially improved.

Patient Check-In

Your practice can take advantage of an easier check-in process, higher collection
rates of past due statements, eligibility verification, and much more,
all integrated into your electronic health record (EHR) system.

Charge capture

Charge sheets are no longer needed. After an encounter or procedure
is completed, physicians can enter the charges that have been performed along
with relevant diagnosis codes in less than 10 seconds.


IntScripts can be seamlessly integrated into any EHR. See if IntScripts is available
on your EHR system. If not, reach out to us about building an integration
with your EHR system today.

Download the App

  • Message with your staff, other practices, and your patients
  • View daily/weekly schedule
  • Complete charge capture

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

IntScripts helps improve the effifiency of your practice through its innovative platform that can integrate with nearly any Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Expand communication beyond the confines of your practice and message with other practices all over the country regarding patients, billing questions, and any other issues that might arise while running your practice.


Secure Mesaging

IntScripts offers a HIPAA compliant platform for your organization to communicate with your staff and patients as well as other practices.

Scheduling / Check-In

Facilities can send forms electronically to their patients up to a week prior to a patient appointment in order to reduce waiting times

Charge Capture

Providers can enter procedure information and diagnosis codes for a patient visit on their mobile device at the time and place of patient care

Data Analytics

Improved observation. Better processes. Superior results.

Analytics are crucial for organizations to realize where improvements can be made from a coorindation of care and patient wellness standpoint. Also, analytics can advise where processes can be improved and how your practice stacks up again your peers in the industry.

Patient Engagement

Care coordination. Information transfer. Healthier Populations.

Staying engaged with patients is critical to achieving positive outcomes. Patients have the ability to access their personal health record (PHR), schedule appointments, refill medications, pay their bill online, and more using Patient Shift. Staying engaged with your patients will continue to become more important as technologies continue to advance. Something as simple as patient appointment reminders can help to decrease no-shows by up to 10%.

Data Integration

Increase Efficiency. Smoother Operations. Better Care.

Having the ability to exchange information between facilities and with patients benefits everyone. IntScripts enables practices to transmit discrete data between various systems, thereby allowing physicians to treat patient conditions faster and reducing the chance of medical errors. Find out if your electronic health record system is already integrated with IntScripts.